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We Siddhant Equipments Pvt. Ltd. are leading PVC Honeycomb Fills Manufacturers in Uganda, Siddhant Equipments has a wide range of PVC Honeycomb Fills that are suitable for different industries and applications. The PVC Honeycomb Fills manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, contractors in Uganda,India have a team of highly qualified engineers who work hard to provide the best quality products. The PVC Honeycomb Fills in India has an excellent reputation in the market because we are known for their commitment towards quality, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. Our products are widely used for insulation, soundproofing or fire protection in buildings. Our PVC Honeycomb Fills Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Contractors in Uganda offer a wide range of products and services to their customers at competitive prices.

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  • We manufacture and export a variety of PVC honeycomb fills that are used in different industries such as food packaging, building insulation, automotive industry etc.
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PVC honeycomb fill is a kind of high-quality, high-density polyvinyl chloride honeycomb that is filled with polyurethane. It is mainly used in the construction of thermal insulation panels. It is a closed-cell polyvinyl chloride foam (PVC honeycomb board) that contains small holes, or cells, within the material. These cells allow for moisture to seep out of the material rather than building up inside it, which helps make PVC honeycomb ideal for use in places where moisture can enter the material and cause damage.

PVC honeycomb is different from other closed-cell materials because it has the added property of allowing moisture to escape from it. This makes it ideal for applications that require insulation but also need some airflow to keep things clean and dry.


PVC Fills are used in almost every type of building, from homes to factories and commercial structures. They can be used for plumbing or water supply, waste removal, and structural strength. But one of the most common uses for PVC is as an exterior wall pipe for houses or commercial buildings.

The material offers a number of benefits over other materials such as steel and wood when it comes to exterior piping. Because it’s lightweight, easy to transport, weatherproof, fire resistant and inexpensive to purchase in bulk quantities. However, these benefits come with a price. In order to make the best use of PVC pipe properties while still maintaining structural integrity and safety standards while being manufactured cost-effectively, it is necessary to encapsulate the inner workings of the structure in a honeycomb-like structure called industrial pvc honeycomb filling (or simply industrial pvc honeycomb).


PVC Honeycomb Fills are a type of insulation and acoustic foam that are made of interconnected plastic honeycombs. They are popular among architects and designers because of the features that they offer. The main features of these insulation solutions are the following:

  • They are very cost effective and can be applied in a wide variety of markets.
  • The honeycomb fill is environmentally friendly as it does not produce any hazardous fumes when heated.
  • It has excellent fire retardant properties, making it ideal for use in areas such as hospitals and schools.
  • They are light in Weight and Easy to install.
How do our PVC Honeycomb Fills work?

PVC Honeycomb Fills work by trapping air and providing insulation. They are made of Interconnected plastic honeycombs, which allow the foam to trap air. This air is then compressed, which reduces the amount of noise that is transmitted through the insulation solution. Additionally, the foam helps to seal the walls and ceilings, which reduces the amount of sound that is transmitted into the room.

Why our PVC Honeycomb Fills are popular among architects and designers?

PVC Honeycomb Fills are a popular option among architects and designers because of the features that they offer. These solutions are lightweight and easy to install, which makes them a popular choice for projects that involve a high degree of mobility.

They are also a versatile option that can be used in a variety of applications, which makes them a popular choice for projects that involve a variety of uses. Additionally, the solutions offer good insulation performance, which makes them a popular choice for projects that involve a high level of noise.

They are made of small, thin sheets of plastic that are twisted together to create a honeycomb-like structure. Because they are so thin, PVC Honeycomb Fills are also very flexible, making them ideal for a variety of applications.