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in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, India.

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We are Cooling Tower Manufacturer in India,Cooling Tower Supplier in India,Cooling Tower Exporters in India,Cooling Tower Contractor in India,Cooling Tower Manufacturers,Cooling Tower Suppliers,Cooling Tower Exporters,Cooling Tower Contractors.In India, the cooling tower is used at many places. It is used in power plants, airports, petrochemical plants and thermal power plants. It has its own purpose but it can also be dangerous to humans.The cooling tower has a place in the environment of India’s cities as it is not only a device for condensation but a symbol of industrialization. The cooling tower helps to remove moisture from the working medium before it reaches saturation point and then cools off from air that has been heated up by combustion.

We Siddhant Equipments Pvt. Ltd. are leading Cooling Tower Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exorters, Contractors in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, UAE and Uganda. Keeping in mind various requirements of our clients, we are offering premium quality Cooling Tower. These are precisely manufactured using high quality raw materials using cutting edge technologies and machineries. These towers are utilized by all large industries in order to cool the water that has undergone recycling. This cooling tower in India is tested by our quality controller team on various parameters so as to ensure its quality and durability. Clients can avail this tower from us at various different specifications and market leading cost.

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Square Type Cooling Tower

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) Cooling Tower

Three Phase Counter Flow Cooling Tower

FRP Cross Flow Induced Draught Cooling Tower

Cooling Towers, FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturer in India

Cooling Tower,Cooling Towers,FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers,FRP Cooling Tower Suppliers,FRP CoolingTower Exporters,FRP Cooling Tower Contractors

As a top manufacturer of Cooling Towers, we offers FRP Cooling Towers, Crossflow Cooling Towers, Cooling Tower Fill, Cooling Tower Sprinklers, Cooling Tower Nozzles, Cooling Tower Fans, Square Cooling Towers, Round Cooling Towers, Cooling Tower Manufacturer , Cooling Tower Manufacturer In Pune, Fiberglass Cooling Towers, Modular Cooling Towers, Packaged Cooling Towers, Industrial Cooling Towers,Water Cooling Tower Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India, Water Cooling Towers in India and Cooling Tower Manufacturer in India. We can now compete in cooling tower projects of any scale and complexity. We are always coming up with better ways to meet the industry's expanding needs, and our efforts have helped us establish ourselves as a highly competitive, full-service engineering, design, and maintenance contractor.

Aqua Cool Cooling Tower is among the best Cooling Tower Operations in India when it comes to the Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, and Servicing of Cooling Towers.


  • Industry leader with over 9,000+ towers erected to our credit.
  • Innovative designs utilising the most recent cooling tower technologies.
  • Conservative thermal ratings
  • Construction with long life
  • Powerful and portable Weatherproof
  • Proven and trustworthy
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Heavy industrial use

We are Cooling Tower Manufacturers For :

  • Systems for water-cooled air conditioning and VAM machines
  • HVAC, breweries, and the sugar industry
  • Machine for Injection or Blow Molding of Plastic
  • Heat, chemical, and pharmaceutical treatments
  • Cold Storage / Milk & Dairy Plants
  • Juice and food industries canning
  • Gasifiers, vacuum pumps,anodizing procedures Water-cooled air compressors
  • plant die casting equipment, Knitting, hosiery, and other mills
  • Juice and food industries canning
  • Rolling mills, wire mills, and iron foundries
  • Biogas, oxygen, and renewable energy power plants

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What is cooling Tower?

Cooling towers in india are used in industries such as air conditioning, refrigeration and metal working. They are also used for industrial cooling systems.India is a country that has a large number of industries that need cooling towers for their production processes. In order to meet the demand, manufacturers have to meet the requirements of the industry by investing in new technologies and innovations. Cooling tower manufacturers in India have grown from being small companies to large corporations with global presence over the years.

FRP cooling tower manufacturers

FRP cooling tower manufacturers in india are a growing market, the demand for this product is increasing because of the increase in global warming.FRP cooling tower manufacturers in india have grown over the years and have become one of the most important industries in India. FRP cooling towers are used to cool buildings and machinery. They are made up of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is a thermoplastic material that can be molded into various shapes. These towers can also be customized according to customer needs.

A cooling towers is an enclosed structure that uses water jets to cool the interior by removing waste heat from industrial plants and activities. Heat exchange occurs while some water evaporates as the air expelled from the plant passes through the water. At the cooling tower's conclusion, the cooled water is collected and pumped back to the plant for further use. The most economical and energy-efficient cooling operations are provided by cooling towers. Cooling towers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from tiny roof-top structures to enormous hyperboloids. They are used extensively in many different industries, including the production of plastic, oil and petroleum, thermal power plants, food and beverage, natural gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, and nuclear.

We Offer Our Customers the Best Products in Cooling Towers. Aqua Cool Cooling Tower specializes in Design, Engineering and Fabrication of different types of cooling towers . It has its own technical team for Design & Manufacturing various types of Cooling Towers. We offer premium, lightweight cooling tower solutions to a range of industrial contractors and departments, including the chemical, refrigerated warehouse, food and beverage, and power industries. It offers high-quality cooling tower , closed circuit cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and open circuit cooling towers.

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Frequntly Asked Questions

1. How does a cooling tower work?

Cooling towers work on the principle of evaporative cooling. Hot water from industrial processes or air conditioning systems is circulated through the tower. As this water flows over heat exchange surfaces, a portion of it evaporates, removing heat from the remaining water, which is then recirculated.

2. What are the main components of a cooling tower?

The key components include the basin, fill media, drift eliminators, fan, and water distribution system. The basin collects the cooled water, fill media increases the water-air contact surface, drift eliminators prevent water droplets from escaping, and the fan enhances air circulation.

3. Why are cooling towers essential in industrial processes?

Cooling towers play a crucial role in maintaining optimal operating temperatures for industrial machinery. They help prevent equipment overheating, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

4. How is the performance of a cooling tower measured?

Performance is typically measured in terms of the Cooling Tower Efficiency (CTE) or the Heat Rejection Factor (HRF). These metrics assess how effectively the cooling tower removes heat from the circulating water.

5. Are cooling towers environmentally friendly?

Cooling towers are generally considered environmentally friendly due to their energy efficiency and water conservation benefits compared to alternative cooling methods. They use the natural process of evaporation without consuming large amounts of electricity.

6. What maintenance is required for cooling towers?

Regular maintenance involves cleaning the fill media, inspecting the basin, checking fan performance, and monitoring water treatment to prevent scaling, corrosion, and biological growth.

7. Can cooling towers be used for residential purposes?

While cooling towers are more commonly associated with industrial applications, some larger residential and commercial buildings may use cooling towers as part of their HVAC systems for efficient temperature control.

8. Where can I find reliable cooling tower solutions for my specific needs?

We are the reputable cooling tower manufacturers and experts to find tailored solutions for your unique requirements. Connect with industry leaders for expert guidance.